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Traditional AGA Cookers

Beneath the design values of every AGA cooker lies a heart of cast-iron. Ready to cook whenever you are with no switches or dials to master, every AGA cooker is engineered to take care of itself, for generations to come.

Every AGA cooker comes with a roasting oven and a simmering oven, a simmering plate and a boiling plate, each is always ready at the optimum for each type of cooking. It's the cast-iron that makes this possible. It allows every AGA heat-storage cooker to store heat and steadily radiate it through the ovens and hotplates.

Each cooking zone is at a pre-set heat for ease, convenience and stress-free use. Radiating the heart from all the oven surface simultaneously also ensures a kinder cooking process, unlike the fiercer direct heat of conventional cookers. Every AGA cooks throughout the range of temperatures, all types of cuisines. Finally the high level of insulation within the outer casting and each hotplate lid ensures fuel is used wisely and economically.

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