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How environmentally friendly are AGA cookers?

Each new AGA heat-storage cooker is made in Shropshire in the UK largely from reclaimed iron, including old cast-iron cookers, drain covers, old machinery, door fittings etc and, in turn each old AGA is recyclable to a large proportion, meaning you'll never find one on a landfill site.

An AGA heat-storage cooker can also do the same jobs as many of your domestic appliances more efficiently. That means you can give your toaster, electric kettle, bread maker and even your tumble drier a break, which could help you reduce your domestic energy usage. Another thing to keep in mind is that the AGA heat-storage cooker is built to last for generations.

We're also dedicated to developing more efficient energy sources. This includes programs using micro-generated electricity such as wind, solar power and heat pumps. 


How do I clean my AGA cooker when it's constantly warm?

The constant warmth of an AGA heat-storage cooker actually makes cleaning much easier. This is because heat is always steadily radiating, carbonising any cooking spills and splashes in the process. That means the hot ovens and hotplates practically clean themselves and only need an occasional brush out.

A daily wipe with a damp cloth should be enough to maintain the shine of your vitreous enamel surfaces. If spills are left, they bake on and are more difficult to remove. In this case, use a recommended AGA cleaning product to easily remove the stain. Cleaning products are available at the AGA Cookshop as well as at your dedicated AGA shop.

How do I adopt my favourite recipes to cook on an AGA cooker?

With just a little practice, all your favourite dishes can be transformed when cooking with the AGA heat-storage cooker. Although different from conventional cooking, cooking on an AGA is easy and once it clicks you'll never look back.

These few simple guidelines will help:

  • Use the simmering plate as a griddle
  • Grill at the top of the roasting oven
  • Cook on the floor of the roasting oven for pie crusts and frying
  • Use the 80:20 rule; cook the first part of the meal using one of the hotplates and then cook the other 80% in one of the ovens
  • Slow cook overnight in the warming oven

Your dedicated AGA shop can give you advice on how to adapt your favourite recipes, or for more recipe ideas why not attend one of our demonstrations or visit the recipe section

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