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10 AGA Cooking Methods

The AGA cooker is the master of all cooking methods

From quick stir-fries through to elaborate soufflés, the AGA excels at every style of cooking. AGA cakes are lighter, roasts are more succulent, chips crunchier. Yorkshire puddings rise more, steaks are juicier and pizzas are always crisp to perfection. There is nothing the AGA cannot do and everything it does it does better. It's even a whizz at ready meals for those more hectic days.Dotted _line


(boiling plate and top of roasting oven)

AGA Full English Breakfast

Succulent steaks, cooked in an AGA grill pan using the intense heat of the AGA boiling plate, seared on the outside, sealing in flavour and juices, while the inside cooks to perfection. Easy full English breakfast grilled at the top of the roasting oven.Dotted _line


(boiling plate)

AGA Boiled Vegetables are pictured

The AGA boiling plate cooks so rapidly that fresh vegetables retain more their natural flavour, colour and nutrients.Dotted _line


(boiling plate)

AGA Cooked Seabass is pictured

  Creating crunchier-on-the-inside fried or sautéed chicken or fish.Dotted _line


(roasting oven)

AGA Roast Dinner is pictured

Roasts are superb – shrinkage and dryness are reduced, cooked evenly throughout because, unlike convention cookers, the radiant heat comes from all directions, not just one. Roasted vegetables are full of flavour and potatoes are brown and crispy.Dotted _line


(boiling plate or simmering plate)

An AGA Toasted Sandwich is pictured

Famous AGA toast taste better, crunchy-on-the-outside and fluffy-in-the-middle. Carried out on the boiling plate or on the simmering plate (with no toaster required) for toasted sandwiches.Dotted _line


(simmering plate or simmering oven)

AGA Soup is pictured

The simmering plate heat is gentle for delicate sauces and heating milk. The AGA simmering oven slow cooks for house – even overnight – gently coaxing stock, casseroles, soups, curries and bolognese to perfect tenderness.Dotted _line


(baking oven)

AGA Victoria Sponge Food is pictured

Like a traditional baker's brick oven, the AGA roasting and baking ovens provide all-around, consistent radiant heat to create feathery pastries, ever-so-moist cakes and perfectly baked breads.Dotted _line


(simmering oven)

AGA Steamed Pudding is pictured

The legendary AGA simmering oven steams a sponge pudding to perfection without turning your kitchen into a sauna. Steaming root vegetables locks in their full flavour and nutrients.Dotted _line


(simmering oven)

An AGA Casserole dish is pictured

The AGA simmering oven's gently persistent heat helps you create richer, juicier casseroles, stews, slow-roasts or braise cuts of meat.Dotted _line


(boiling plate)

AGA Beef Stir Fry is pictured

Tackle Asian cookery with an AGA wok on the boiling plate for fast stir fries and quick cooking.

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