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Nineteen Nineties: The AGA heat storage cooker gets a companion

Aga Brochure (1990s ) 1_165x 160Jan Boshall's Good Housekeeping book 'Everyone Should Have One' described the AGA heat-storage cooker as being the "epitome of country-kitchen style."

The module was unveiled in 1996 – a conventional electric cooker with traditional AGA styling designed to fit on the left-hand side of the range. Later the same year the companion was introduced – similar to the module but freestanding. By 1998, both were available with gas hob options.

The nineties was another colourful decade, with some new colours introduced and others withdrawn. Exports grew rapidly during the nineties, and frequent trips were made to the USA between 1996 and 1999 to raise awareness of AGA products in America. 'The AGA Book' established Mary Berry as the definitive AGA writer, with the Mail on Sunday describing her "to AGA what Pavarotti is to opera". 

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