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Nineteen Forties: Demand for the AGA cooker marches on

As Europe was gripped by war, an AAn AGA advertisement from the 1940sGA cooker became a life-saver for many families. The British government placed orders for AGA cookers for canteens in munitions works, communal feeding centres and hospitals. Demand increased so dramatically that the waiting period rose to a staggering 27 weeks. A second manufacturing plant was opened in Shropshire.

The Shropshire foundry

In 1947, the majority of manufacturing moved to the landmark Coalbrookdale foundry in Shropshire. This little village in the Ironbridge Gorge was a very fitting home for AGA. It was here in 1707 that Abraham Darby first smelted iron with coke, a move that was to kickstart the Industrial Revolution.

A picture of IronbridgeToday, every AGA cooker in still manufactured by hand by skilled craftsmen. Molten iron is poured into casting moulds before every AGA cooker is given multiple coats of vitreous enamel.

The process, which takes place over a period of three days, is a world away from the process used by most modern cooker manufacturers – a quick spray paint.

Finally, every AGA component is individually inspected and colour-checked. It is such craftsmanship that helps ensure the life on AGA cooker is measured in decades not years.


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