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Reduces the number of kitchen appliances you need

An Image of AGA Toast being madeAn AGA heat-storage cooker does more than cook food; it's a domestic workhorse that can do many of the jobs of your smaller kitchen appliances, for example:

  • Rather than use a tumble dryer, dry damp clothes during the evenings using your AGA cooker
  • Place items of laundry such as t-shirts or pillow slips on the simmering lid and leave overnight to 'AGA iron'
  • Trust us, once you've tried toast made on an AGA cooker you'll never use a toaster again
  • Baking bread in an AGA cooker is so simple that you don't need a bread maker
  • No need for an electric kettle either; a regular kettle will boil in no time on the hot plate

Did you know?

Over 30 years, an AGA owner can save thousands of pounds by not having to buy, fix or replace electrical appliances such as kettles, toasters and tumble driers.


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